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New Orleans

EnwaveUSA (New Orleans)

EnwaveUSA (New Orleans) is a wholly owned subsidiary of EnwaveUSA Corporation, chartered in 1995 to develop district energy in the New Orleans Medical Center district. EnwaveUSA (New Orleans) designed, constructed and operates the NORMC District Energy Center. Construction of the NORMC District Energy Center in downtown New Orleans started in 1999 and began providing service 14 months later, 4 months ahead of schedule. At full build-out the NORMC District Energy Center will have the capability to produce 33,000 tons of chilled water and provide air conditioning to over 12 million square feet of commercial property in the NORMC district and downtown New Orleans. This modern, chilled water production plant utilizes multiple types of chilling equipment, a state of the art control system, back up industrial diesel generators and thermal ice storage.


A 33,000-ton chilled water cooling plant was constructed to provide services for the largest district cooling business in New Orleans. It includes an integration of highly critical health care and health sciences facilities known as the New Orleans Regional Medical Center (NORMC) district complex. This chilled water cooling plant facility can fulfill the demanding levels of reliability required of Louisiana’s largest health care and medical research centers.

Contact Information

EnwaveUSA (New Orleans)
1661 Gravier Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Tel: 504-569-2127
Fax: 504-569-2110

Eric Kelly

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