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Lower Capital Costs
If your building is still in the planning stage, initial costs can be significantly reduced through elimination of the building's own central plant. If your building is already operational, District Energy can help finance upgrades to make it operate more profitably.

Lower Energy Costs

Since you are not using chillers, cooling towers and pumps to produce your own chilled water, your energy costs can be substantially decreased. Also, District Energy’s 34 degree Fahrenheit supply water temperature allows additional air-side energy savings.

Lower Operations and Maintenance Costs
It’s simple – elimination of chillers, pumps and cooling towers means fewer systems to maintain and less chance of breakdown.

Stable, Competitive Energy Rates
It’s a fact – buildings utilizing District Cooling enjoy a variance in peak electricity demand of only 2% between winter and summer. By eliminating the source of normal demand “spikes” (chillers, cooling tower fans and condenser water pumps), your energy rates are reduced and your energy bills become more stable and predictable.

More Revenue – Generating Leasable Space
A conventional air conditioning system requires as much as 10,000 square feet of space. With District Energy, you can allocate an area of only 15 feet by 15 feet, or about 225 square feet.

Reliable Cooling
It’s a common truth. Simple is better. With fewer moving parts, less machinery on-site and the elegant simplicity of District Energy’s ice storage and chilled water network distribution, you’ll be able to count on stable, reliable cooling, day and night.

A Cleaner Environment
No CFC’s, cooling towers or water treatment chemicals means less pollution both inside and outside your building. Your tenants breathe cleaner air and you avoid the “refrigerant compliance” paperwork, regulations and bureaucracy associated with conventional systems.

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